Food and Beverage

Plastic tray 1210 net double (steel tube) product is the only type of plastic tray used by beverage company for many years. The plastic tray from our company has successfully been in line with the international plastic tray products, and is the top product in the domestic plastic tray industry. Product features: advanced structure, comprehensive function and perfect technology - the product adopts advanced structural design concept, aiming at higher functional requirements such as three-dimensional high shelf and stacking, and combining with perfect production process, to create the main body of the product with high quality and fine details.

This product has been fully promoted to food-related industries, and gradually entered the pharmaceutical, chemical, building materials and other industries, cost-effective, good use.

Plastic tray 1210 flat plate Chuan-shaped, for our company for food and beverage industry independent research and development, the first domestic high-quality plastic tray products, products mainly aimed at the food and beverage industry usually high quality requirements and beautiful, hygienic corner characteristics of the development, and then by countless domestic and foreign food and beverage enterprises to use. Received high praise: strong bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, easy cleaning and durable.

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