Is the price of plastic pallets rising at this stage?

The price of plastic pallets has gone up. Since this year, the price of raw materials for plastic pallets has been rising steadily since 2017, which has brought great pressure to the pricing of products of our plastic pallet manufacturers. The main reasons are the pressure of raw material supply under environmental protection, the upward pressure of price under the influence of Sino-US trade friction, and the annual rise of production costs, including labor costs and tax costs. As an industry, we can not resist such a trend; as an enterprise, we have no ability to prevent or mitigate such energy transfer, we can only follow the market, try to do a relatively late price mobilization in the peer.

Faced with the rising price of raw materials for plastic pallets, how should the customers who need plastic pallets choose? As the suppliers in this industry, we weigh the position of both sides in the whole industry, and simply and centrally answer the questions of the users of the calf plastic pallets, mainly from the following three aspects:

First, buy as soon as you need. If you have to use plastic trays, and it's in the immediate or near future, our suggestion is to place an order immediately, don't hesitate. Regardless of whether or not the general trend of the future falls or rises, the current wave of buyers will push raw materials and products higher in a short period of time. Therefore, we suggest that if it is rigid demand, make prompt decision to buy.

Two, if we can face the inventory turnover more effectively, we suggest reducing orders. If your business does need plastic pallets in the near future, the amount originally planned will suddenly increase the cost a lot. We suggest that you: compress the usage, optimize the storage space, balance the storage capacity, and leave more working capital for more important production and operation activities.

Thirdly, for customers who originally wanted to replace wooden pallets with plastic pallets as a whole, we suggest that this plan can be temporarily watched. Even though it is the general trend for pallet industry to replace wood with plastic in many industries and enterprises, it is the inevitable way to save costs and the ultimate destination for environmental protection. But in such a commodity-centralized mall environment, the survival of enterprises is the first, enterprises as much as possible to maintain production and business activities, in order to have more and better future. Increasing sources of income and reducing expenditure is particularly important in this environment.

The above views are some suggestions that cattle herders constantly sum up and think about after changing positions in the communication between the new and old customers of the calf plastic pallet company. We hope that our customers and enterprises can stand up in the tide of the times and be evergreen for a hundred years. Of course, these opinions are for reference only. The reasons we analyze are not official. Our suggestions are only suggestions. We always keep the attitude of serving customers and wait for your final decision. We guarantee to complete every request and cherish every trust and choice.

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