How do we pick up and use plastic pallets on shelves?

1. How much is the price of plastic pallets on the shelves?
    Different plastic cardboard prices are different, the same shape has more than ten sizes, and different sizes, weights are different, prices are different. On the shelves are generally Sichuan-shaped plastic pallets or double-sided plastic pallets, this kind of words generally need more than 245, depending on the demand and quantity to verify, for reference.
    2. how much is the depth of the tray 1.1 meters high?
    It is widely used in warehouse shelves. Pallet shelves are usually called heavy shelves or beam shelves. This kind of shelves are usually used with steel pallets or plastic pallets. The standard size of steel pallets is 1200*1000mm. If the load of each steel pallet is 1000kg, then each layer of cross beams. Place two steel pallets, that is to say, the load-bearing capacity of the cross beam of each pallet type shelf is 2000 kg. Then such shelves should be arranged as follows:
    The shelf column is 90*70*2.0mm, and the shelf cross beam is 120*50*1.5mm.
    The length design standard of pallet shelf = long *2+300mm of steel pallet, that is, the cutting length of rack beam.
    The depth of pallet shelf = the depth of steel pallet - 100mm, because the depth direction of steel pallet is between two beams, and the design principle is that the two ends extend 50 - 80mm than the cross beam of the shelf. The higher the column of the shelf, the greater the value of the extension, so as to ensure the stability of the shelf.
    The through-system shelves are arranged densely and space utilization is very high. It is suitable for storing small varieties and large displacement of the same type of goods. Goods can be stored and taken out from the same side or from one side to the other side. The total depth of the shelf in the wall area is generally better controlled within 5 pallet depths. The total depth of the shelf in the middle area is generally better controlled within 10 pallet depths, so as to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access. The width of the through-type passage depends on pallets and cargo. Generally, it\'s almost as good as 1.4 meters. Pay attention to the size of the body and the distance between the shelf guide when selecting forklift trucks. Careful operation can be done when working.
    3. What is the size of the plastic pallet on the upper shelf?
    What is the size of your shelf? The usual pallets are 1200 * 1200 mm 1200 * 1000 mm 1000 * 1000 mm 1100 * 1000 mm, according to your shelf specifications to choose. The most commonly used type of plastic pallets is size 1200*1000*150.

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