Be a plastic pallet worker with temperature.

Two weeks ago, a car wash shop on Jinshan Avenue accidentally happened to wash a car. Car wash workshop and lounge are transparent, you can clearly see the car cleaning process, that day I occasionally glance at the car washer young people to my car, as if very emotional, when cleaning, the eyes always look for the car need to wipe, and finally the front corner of the engine cover, chassis bottom. The location of the hub is cleaned. These are the places where I do not wash my car, and they wash it very carefully. A habitual motive is to train normally. Of course, some car washers call car cleaning, I spent 80 times, maybe more durable and refined than this, but if you measure the price with 80 yuan fine, I think at least 60 yuan. And I only pay 30 yuan for cleaning service charge.

The same 30 yuan reminds me that there are some places where aunts who are simply recruited have little training and simply pick up the rag and start drying. Every time I feel that they do today, they don't want to do tomorrow's work very much. The work in their hands is either like grabbing wheat or they obviously feel that they are venturing their discontent with the landlord's house. So I came here again today and will probably come over.

In fact, think about it, we are not the same in every industry, focus on doing an industry, do your products, with enthusiasm to do the work, your work contacts with colleagues and customers can always feel the temperature outside your work. No bad industry, only in the industry do not good people. Existence is reasonable. When most of us are not in the market for most of the time, we expect to complain constantly about difficulties, injustices and failures to catch up with the best time in the industry. It's better to calm down and fall in love with this industry and fall in love with our work. In this way, friends who come into contact with each link of work can feel your enthusiasm and temperature, and can give you the most sincere return. This is the conduction of the positive energy of the whole work, which can incentive and infect us to do better continuously. As time goes on, work becomes a good carrier. We are tired and happy. They may not feel tired, happy, and harvested.

In fact, sometimes I just do a little bit more.

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