Selection and use of plastic pallets on upper shelves for 25 kilograms of bags chemical products

Selection and use of plastic pallets on 25 kilogram bags of chemical products? This is a physical picture of the warehouse of a bag chemical product enterprise. From close observation, we can see more vividly. His goods are stacked according to the "5-stack", 40 bags of goods are placed on a pallet, 25 kilograms per bag, totaling 1 ton. His pallet is 2.5 meters wide and can be placed on two pallets (actually, it is somewhat wasteful). If there are two pallets in one shelf space, then 2.2 meters wide is enough. After all, the width of pallets is 1 meter wide.

The selection and use of plastic pallets on 25 kg bags of chemical products are summarized as follows:
1. The width and height of the shelf must be calculated well. The height width of the cargo code directly determines the height and width of the shelf after it is placed on the pallet. The width of the general shelf is slightly larger than the width of the pallet, but the height should be at least 20 centimeters higher than the total height of the goods and pallets. Otherwise, it is easy for forklift trucks to pick up the situation. The situation.
2. When pallets are stored on shelves, pallets should be at least 5 centimeters wider than pallet beams. It is important to avoid the situation that pallets can just be stored on two beams.
3. The steel pipe must be built in the pallet, especially the goods that need to be stored on the shelf in the last period, because the plastic itself has a certain flexibility, when placed on the shelf there will be a certain degree of bending, so that the center of gravity of the goods will be shifted to the center. If the steel pipe is not stored for a long time, there will be over-pressure and over-bending, even occur. Collapse and so on.
   In short, the plastic pallets on the shelves have higher requirements than the ordinary plastic pallets. When purchasing, we must pay attention to the load capacity of the upper shelves and whether the parameters of the shelves match the parameters of the pallets.

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