Shanghai Xiaobainiu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise in the field of research, development, production and integration of storage equipment such as plastic pallets. It is the governing unit of the Pallets and Unitized Logistics Branch of China Transportation Association. It has been awarded "China Pallet" successively. The "circular sharing demonstration enterprise" and other awards. The company has 3 main joint ventures or cooperative processing bases in Shanghai.

Shanghai Xiaobainiu Plastic Pallet Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in plastic pallets, plastic cardboard boxes, plastic folding cardboard boxes, plastic turnover boxes, plastic logistics boxes, plastic leakage-proof pallets, plastic garbage cans, etc. Shanghai Xiaobainiu Plastic Pallet Company has served customers in warehousing, logistics, food, medicine, beverage, chemical industry, electronic technology, clothing, new energy, automation and other industries. Among them are the typical quality customers of China Railway Shanghai Railway Bureau and Chengdu Railway Bureau.

The current team of Shanghai Xiaobainiu Plastic Pallet Company is mainly young people. Most of them are experts with many years'working experience in the storage equipment industry. They have strong product business knowledge and rich project experience. They all take the spirit of "Xiaobainiu" as the soul of entrepreneurship. "White Bull" is a rare excellent youth service team in the industry, with service consciousness as the highest, vigorous and energetic. At present, on the basis of optimizing and intensively cultivating storage hardware, Shanghai Xiaobainiu Plastic Pallet Company is negotiating and introducing intelligent storage services and talents, devoting itself to the organic integration of storage hardware and software systems, and ultimately making a successful professional ecological level based on modern warehousing and modern logistics technology Stage.

Corporate slogan (Slogan):A calf's warehouse dream!

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