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A calf's warehouse dream

—— The brand story of Shanghai XiaoBaiNiu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

The lens of time goes back to the 1980s, when the depths of the southwestern mountain areas were in the fading color of the people's commune. There is a people's commune which is hard to find with a magnifying glass on the map. The small office building of the commune government is surrounded by the liveliest market of the people of the commune. Next to it are two large buildings with high eaves, with big red pentagons and beautiful slogans, "Long live Chairman Mao, Great Leader". These two buildings, one is the grain station, the other is the cocoon village.

The grain station is the place where the people of the commune pay for public grain in each grain harvest season, and the cocoon farm is the season for each silkworm cocoon harvest, where the whole commune concentrates on purchasing silkworm cocoons from silkworm households. Two places have the greatest common ground, that is, the large warehouse, said that the warehouse is big, really not too much, especially in the hearts of children around 3-5 years old, such a tall building, has been the tallest building seen before the age of 15 to the county. The boy was called Little White Bull. The happiest time of his childhood was spent in such a big warehouse playing happily with his hard-working father and a group of children like himself. It's true to say happiness. At that time, the tide of migrant workers had not yet arrived in remote villages, not to mention the prosperity of the old industrial base in the northeast and the news of the southern part of the motherland. Whenever the peak season came, the father could earn income outside the land to exchange new clothes and rare pork for himself. For the calf itself, besides playing madly with his friends in the hilly barn, he can also pick up the silkworm cocoons missing from the roadside of the warehouse accessories for money, and then go to the supply and marketing agency counter for sweet fructose, so he is really happy. So in the face of the warehouse, little white cow has a natural affinity from childhood. But whenever you look at the fathers who weigh hundreds of kilograms on their shoulders, the calf vows silently that when they grow up, they will let their fathers enjoy their happiness and let the people who work in the warehouse stop working so hard.

Several years later, the calf went to college in the provincial capital. It was a beautiful campus and a hormone-filled youth. It was also the calf's fullest and most beautiful time. One is the gymnasium, the other is the library. The gymnasium is full of sweat. The calf leads a group of brothers who also love martial arts to the sandbags and the fist to hit their energy limit. In the library, the calf is a pure bookworm, from newspapers and magazines to liberal arts, science and technology, ancient literature, all kinds of curious and thirsty reading, with the same sound as the stadium. It is also in this beautiful time that Buffalo learns that the warehouse where his parents worked belongs to the subject of logistics and supply chain, and that it has developed to a very high level in our neighboring Japan.

Very soon, goodbye to the university time, the beautiful campus, and the beautiful provincial capital. With countless unknowns and confusion, with a snakeskin bag of books, the calf stepped on a green train number 1354 and arrived at another terminal, a legendary city full of childhood dreams - Shanghai.

Like many young people who have drifted through Shanghai, strangeness, confusion and fear have passed through the first and most difficult stages. Finally, by coincidence of fate, the calf entered a warehousing equipment manufacturing enterprise, and in the following years, the calf took root here, a small town in other countries, and became a member of the sales team of warehousing equipment. With the pursuit of a better life and yearning for the return of clothes and brocade to their homeland, the young white cow buried his head in hard study and sold all over the north and south of the motherland, went to the remote mines in Yunnan and Guizhou, to the old industrial bases in the north, and to the new parks in the Central Plains. Of course, more of them were running around the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. In the warehouse of small cities. Experience and participation: Red Bull, Mengniu modern warehousing, Chinese medicine and stone medicine cold chain logistics and constant temperature warehouse, Jingdong and Hitachi, such as the tall supply chain management, of course, more services in the storage of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises. Know a lot of respectable entrepreneurs and professional managers, they do their best to improve equipment, improve warehousing, they often day and night in the fierce market competition in the tide of progress.

Seven or eight years of persistence, the white bull is very rich, and also properly harvested their own material life. But life is always playing tricks on people. A city has a city's style, a crowd has a crowd's culture, and a pure perceptual idea that as long as you treat people with sincerity, you will exchange others'sincerity for waiting for others is finally frustrated. A person who extremely lowers himself to respect and adapt to the environment may not really be able to exchange for the adaptation of others. You never want to worry about whether your shoes are small or not. You just want to carry your head, shoulder the burden and go forward. Although you have been walking very tired, others still want to give you less dried food. You are always an alien who participates in foreign food.

Helpless, in the most demanding age of life, little white bull came out of this door. At this age, it is not rational, mature or ready to go, but when you come out, you will never think about turning back. Unknown, confused and fearful once again come to mind. This time, there are more panic, because there is more family burden, and you can't stop quiet fear, so you panic. It's a mess.

In the panic, the calf tried some other people's industries, but also redoubled its efforts to do, there are basic life security, but always feel a lack and regret. Looking back, how many years of hard work, how many years of inertia, how many days and nights are dealing with warehousing and supply chain, want to say goodbye, it is really not easy.

It is also in this time of looking back, many years of friends find the calf, let the calf back to the warehousing equipment industry from the new packaging, how many years of elder brothers call the calf to serve them again, plus several warehousing equipment manufacturers behind the scenes of their predecessors to find themselves, willing to do something together. The next step is to try slowly, and the calf quickly regained its combat effectiveness, fighting again in the front line of warehousing equipment planning and sales, and restored his once-warming enthusiasm, and this time, it seems to really awaken his childhood pleasure in warehousing, and once vowed to improve warehouse operations. It is also at this time that the regional blueprint is more mature, the logistics warehousing industry has a brighter future, and the industry 4 has a sense of landing gradually, and "Internet + storage" also has more stories. Of course, at this time, the shared economy has slowly gone from unfamiliar to popularity, and pallet sharing and sharing is no longer. It's out of reach. It was at this time that several elite brothers who had the same experience with Xiaobainiu joined the team.

In this way, such a good season of innovation and entrepreneurship, such a good soil of the times, such a good team core force upward momentum, the world and people have, the birth of the Xiaobainiu Company!

The birth of the Xiaobainiu company has natural opportunities, full of vitality, and has the mission of the times. Soon, the integration and establishment of their own product production system, with high cost-effective products; also very soon, the calf has the idea of external expansion and has begun to go out and establish its own western team. In the rapid progress, White Bull has opened a new face of innovative enterprises, a young force, a clear flow of an industry, some new service concepts...

The dream of little white cattle has just begun. The prosperity and strength of our motherland and the revival of our nation are the dreams of our predecessors who began more than 100 years ago. We are in this stage through the efforts of countless predecessors, so that our motherland and our nation are closer to the peak of revival than ever in the past hundreds of years. We are fortunate to be in such a great era. Fortune, we should also contribute to the revival of our motherland and our nation. At least in the field of warehousing, we have our own dream. It is a dream of striving for the national warehousing to be ahead of the world.

December 8, 2016
The rancher . Written in Shanghai
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