Plastic pallet 1210 grid Chuan type (with cross steel) is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, logistics, mechanical equipment and other industries. The main features of the products are: steel-plastic combination, good load-carrying capacity, strong comprehensive performance, outstanding shelf use function, etc. The product is designed and developed according to the national standard size of pallet and shelf position. The stress position of the built-in steel pipe is precise and rust-proof design is adopted.

Plastic pallet 1412 grid double-sided pallet for our company for many years on the basis of serving the chemical industry, in view of the main characteristics of the chemical industry, the latest research and development of products, high cost-effective products, strong carrying capacity, outstanding stacking function. This product has been well-known domestic fertilizer, saline-alkali, flour, cement and other production and storage enterprises rush to buy and have been praised.

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