Founding idea

Founding idea:

The "Xiaobainiu" must be determined to achieve the "three good" and take the "three good" as the basic criterion of our work behavior:

Hardware products of "good" warehousing equipment should be made.

The main idea is to "good" in quality, cost optimization, research and innovation;

Service "good" our customers.

Interact and interact with customers, effectively listen to customers'pain points, ideas and suggestions, and timely research and reaction on our product improvement and new product development.

Care for our brand.

Take care of our brand of "Xiaobainiu" just like our eyes. Let him be the pride of our enterprises, the pride of our colleagues in the warehousing industry, the pride of our friends in the real economy and the pride of our great motherland.

Why is it called "Xiaobainiu"?

image:High recognition:White cattle are rare, small and lovable, and are very good at identifying and memorizing.

strength:Most of the storage facilities are loaded with basic functions, and the power of the cattle is also flexible.

corporate culture:Diligent, steadfast and honest.

Allusion:Bainiu is a God and animal. In Confucian and Taoist myths, it is mostly the companion of gods. In Buddhism, it implies Mahayana Buddhism, which implies auspiciousness. With this auspicious implication to give new and old customers and friends, but also for our Xiaobainiu company itself "to follow Heaven's wishes, take advantage of the momentum, purple air east".

Moral:Bai Niu also refers to people who start from scratch in real life and strive for certain achievements through continuous struggle. The company is composed of such a group of people as "we love warehousing". We constantly help customers to solve different warehousing pain points. We are determined to improve the warehousing status of small and medium-sized enterprises through the efforts of our team and make a contribution to the motherland's real economy.

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