Why does a white plastic pallet have a certain quantity?

White plastic tray is made of pure raw material particles. The raw material itself is white particles. At present, it is recognized as the best quality tray in the industry, and it is also known as the nobility of the tray. So why do we have orders for white pallets? When many users make further inquiries, the supplier informs them that the initial order is 500 yuan or more. Here we explain to the user.

White plastic pallet picture

Normal plastic raw materials should be colored in the barrel. If the cavity of the injection molding machine is not white, in fact, often we do blue, the cavity is not white. It is necessary to wash out other colors with raw material particles until they are washed out. This process wastes a lot of raw materials and costs a lot. Therefore, the white tray has a starting order. Otherwise, the production of raw materials will lose too much and cost too much.

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