Shanghai XIAOBAINIU plastic tray brand related story reprinted by Phoenix Network

Shanghai XIAOBAINIU plastic tray brand related product stories were reproduced by Fenghuang. The reproduced time was 14:28 p.m. on May 24, 2018, reproduced by Beiguo. com. This article is mainly about a loyal customer of Shanghai XIAOBAINIU Plastic Pallet Brand who manages rice enterprises. Over the years, he has experienced the selection and trust of Shanghai XIAOBAINIU Plastic Pallet Brand products. The screenshots are as follows:

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Through the inspection of this factory, including the customer feedback is good before the product is used, it is more assured. But asking for price is far beyond my expectations. Also at this time, the sales director of XIAOBAINIU Plastic Pallet Company (later became my good friend in Shanghai) was very patient and not exaggerated to explain to me the selection knowledge of plastic pallets, the identification methods of good and bad plastic pallets and so on, and recommended that I choose white materials to ensure the quality of raw materials of plastic pallets. Although my first impression of this friend (he likes to call himself a "cattle herder") is very good, and I also believe that he said something, understand that he is more professional, and can change his position, but the price of the product is really a roadblock for a small enterprise like ours. Finally, out of the need for my own order, and out of a trust in the herdsman, I compromised the purchase opinion, that is, to buy 50 white flat double-sided pallets from XIAOBAINIU Plastic Pallet Company for trial. So I began to use plastic trays for the first time, and also the plastic trays of Shanghai XIAOBAINIU for the first time.

Of course, the plastic tray of the XIAOBAINIU is not enough. We bought a second-hand forklift truck. Besides using it for our own use, we rented the owners around temporarily to make some money to reduce expenses. I also gradually began to pay attention to its plastic tray products, I always believe that plastic trays should not be expensive, I think I should be able to find other sellers, buy cheaper plastic trays. Later, I was introduced by my friends. I bought some trays in Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong and so on, which were more active in marketing. The appearance of the products was similar. Most of the colors were blue and black. Of course, I have also encountered some plastic cards imported with foreign goods. For one or two years, the plastic pallets in my warehouse are of the Universal Brand. They are varied and colorful, and the purchase cost is saved a lot.

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