How much do plastic pallets know? What kind of plastic pallet manufacturers are trustworthy?

    The National Day of 2018 has passed three days in a twinkling of an eye, from the pre-festival focus on a number of things, to these two days a little relaxed leisure. Especially at noon today, Meimei took a nap and had a very relaxed feeling. Turn on the computer and look at the newly revised website. I always think it\'s time to add something to this new website and explain more about the story of the plastic tray industry for the customers of Xiaobainiu. So I use the notebook in the computer to start typing on the keyboard and record some articles about the choice of the plastic tray manufacturers. How much do plastic pallet manufacturers know? What kind of plastic pallet manufacturers are trustworthy?

Reasons for choosing plastic pallet manufacturers

   Currently, the market is full of pallet manufacturers and pallet distributors. The difference between the two is that manufacturers have more experience in production, sales and after-sales service, and the price is lower; the difference between distributors is that they can not fully meet customer needs, such as after-sales service and product quality assurance, which are limited by manufacturers, and the price is higher than that of manufacturers. Therefore, manufacturers are the best choice for buyers of plastic pallets.

History of plastic pallet manufacturers in China

   Compared with the Shanghai Xiaobainiu plastic pallet manufacturer just started 10 years ago, there are more and more plastic pallets now. The development of plastic pallet industry is rapid, and the team of Shanghai plastic pallet manufacturers is growing. Pallet is the main operation unit in logistics system. Provincial enterprises pay more and more attention to logistics, and constantly increase investment in logistics system construction and information technology. Especially with the increasingly widespread application of forklift, conveyor and other logistics equipment, more and more enterprises begin to adopt the mechanized and automated logistics operation mode based on pallets to improve efficiency and reduce costs. . As the basic unit of the logistics system, pallet has been applied more and more widely. The rapid development of the big industry has also promoted the development of plastic pallet industry as a pallet member. At present, according to the different production processes, plastic pallets generally have injection pallets, blow pallets, suction pallets, injection foam pallets. Among them, injection tray is applied by more customers because of its beautiful appearance and superior quality. These include beverages, food, medicine, electronics, chemicals and other industries.

What kind of plastic pallet manufacturers are trustworthy?

   We have a good understanding of the development of plastic pallet manufacturers, the development of plastic pallet manufacturers, then we discuss how to choose a good plastic pallet manufacturers? We recommend that we refer to factories as a condition, but most of the time our purchase orders are not large enough, and in order to avoid fatigue, we recommend the following:
1. If we pay attention to the quality of plastic pallets, we suggest that Shanghai\'s manufacturers of plastic pallets, especially Shanghai Jinshan, should be selected as far as possible. This is determined by the industry\'s history and market positioning. Shanghai Jinshan\'s plastic pallets are the default birthplace of high-quality plastic pallets in the market. Of course, objectively today\'s Shanghai city positioning and production costs also determine that this place can not produce poor quality plastic pallets, rely on cheap market, can only be positioned good quality plastic pallets.
2. Spend as much as possible on a sample, buy a plastic pallet sample first, because no matter what you say, you must finally see the real product, the sample is the most simple and direct. The main advantages of purchasing plastic pallets are:
A. confirm whether your plastic pallet is matched with your needs.
B. what is the quality of each plastic pallet manufacturer?
C. avoid large losses caused by bulk purchase of plastic pallets.

Industry status quo of plastic pallet manufacturers

   I remember when Shanghai Xiaobainiu just set up a plastic pallet factory, the industry has been popular with the phrase "China\'s plastic pallets in Shanghai, Shanghai\'s plastic pallets in Jinshan". Jinshan District, Shanghai, is the first base for producing plastic pallets in China. Over the years, the industrial agglomeration has occupied the majority of the domestic first-line plastic pallet echelon market. The main reasons are:
1. Shanghai Jinshan has the advantage of plastic pallet raw materials.
   Shanghai Jinshan District is located in Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, a national chemical industrial park. These two carrier-level chemical industrial agglomeration sites are the most direct and best quality suppliers of plastic particles (plastic pallet raw materials). Shanghai Jinshan plastic pallet manufacturers have unique advantages in terms of quality control of raw materials and cost control of plastic pallets. The other peers do not have it.
2. Shanghai Jinshan plastic pallet was first built and developed in the industry.
   The earliest plastic pallets in China were mainly imported products, mainly the consumption concept and usage habits brought in by foreign capital. At the forefront of Shanghai\'s reform and opening up, the investment gathering of foreign-funded enterprises was the earliest manifestation of the demand for plastic pallets. Shanghai Jinshan began to manufacture and develop plastic pallets in response to this demand as early as possible because of its experience in the production of traditional plastic products. The predecessor of Shanghai Xiaobainiu Plastic Pallet is also one of the first companies to join China in the manufacture, research and development and sales of plastic pallets.

   This article mainly discusses and analyses the history of Chinese plastic pallet manufacturers, the current situation of the industrial agglomeration area of plastic pallet manufacturers, the reasons for choosing plastic pallet manufacturers, and what kind of plastic pallet manufacturers are trustworthy. It is hoped that more plastic palletizers will be brought to the calf from different perspectives. Households, more products purchase knowledge, more understanding of the plastic pallet industry advanced. In order to make their own choices more correctly, especially the firm choice of high-quality plastic tray products of Xiaobainiu Company.

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