What is the status quo of the plastic pallet industry in 2019?
What is the status quo of the plastic pallet industry in 2019?

As a plastic tray industry, our industry is about to enter 2019, so what is our current situation?
The market of plastic pallets has gone through twenty years of development and has entered a mature industry. Over the past two decades, it has experienced many ups and downs, but the industry as a whole has been in an upward stage in the past few years, which is basically not better than a leisure walk, but also an irreversible steady increase in the total sales volume.

Quality of plastic pallets:
At present, the mould industry of our national plastic products has been relatively mature after years of development. The cost budget and payment of the plastic pallet mould are enough, and the research and development of the plastic pallet mould are not too difficult. Therefore, the surface gloss, flying edge, burr and the overall bearing structure design of the plastic pallet are basically perfect. Of course, the room for improvement is still very large, which may depend on the promotion of market demand.
In addition, the research and development of plastic pallet raw materials, according to the current view, is still our domestic plastic pallet industry as a whole weak link, this reason is multifaceted, of course, the overall market of bad currency to drive out good money phenomenon, plastic pallet raw materials research and development is a great shackle.

The price of plastic pallets is:
As we enter 2018, no one can be alone because of the rising costs of labor, social security, environmental protection and tax enforcement. In the whole plastic industry, the irrefutable willingness to increase raw materials has forced the price of the whole plastic pallet product to be adjusted many times. Of course, all of them are upward adjustment.

Plastic tray specifications:
The earliest models of plastic pallets are mostly imported from abroad, partly because our domestic enterprises continue to develop the use habits of traditional carrying carriers such as wooden pallets. Up to now, 2018 of plastic pallet models have been complicated and dazzling. Such a wide range of varieties, if we look at it from many angles, to some extent, shows the prosperity of our industry, market acceptance and use are wide. In addition, it shows that the use needs of enterprises are diversified and personalized. But the drawbacks brought about by this are also prominent, which is our industry experts and scholars, to our first-line plastic pallet manufacturers and professional brands of plastic pallets are unanimously calling for the standardization of pallets. The advantages of pallet standardization are diverse and outstanding. It is a contribution to the whole logistics industry. Here we will not focus on discussing it again. In the past, the author has also done a detailed learning and sharing. It is reported that many scholars and industry associations related to plastic pallets are constantly promoting this work, and have made remarkable progress. It has received the attention of the relevant departments of the state, and has issued some documents and guiding opinions. Generally speaking, the standardization of pallets is an inevitable trend, regardless of the process and time to achieve this goal, the results should be predictable.

Capacity of plastic pallet manufacturers:
From the earliest Xiaobainiu Plastic Pallet Company located in Jinshan, Shanghai, the first batch of regional centralized manufacturers, to later parts of the region also follow suit. From the initial production workers rely on labor force and three shifts of work hours to sudden production, to the present production and processing mode of mainly manual, supplemented by human resources. I think that from the plastic pallet capacity, the plastic pallet industry has reached a certain degree of excess.

Xiaobainiu Plastic Pallet Company and all the friends of the plastic pallet industry are going to pass through 2018. We don\'t need to label 2018 plastic pallets as good or bad. It\'s just a year in which our industry has gone through many years. In this year, the domestic and international trade of Xiaobainiu Plastic Pallet Co., Ltd. was carried out at the same time. We strive to set a new milestone for the development of enterprises, and also try our best to add a positive energy to the industry. Regardless of the size of energy, we insist on doing a good job of plastic pallet, making a good brand, and making a brand with global vision.
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