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Plastic pallet (pallet) is a logistics unit that is used in conjunction with forklifts, shelves and other logistics equipment. It can be used to store, load and transport goods. It is one of the essential logistics equipment in modern logistics warehousing. The emergence of plastic pallets is to meet the needs of environmental protection. The use of plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets can reduce the damage to forests. It is an inevitable product to adapt to the development of logistics industry. With the strengthening of the concept of food safety and the high requirement of sanitation in the pharmaceutical industry, plastic pallets with its anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion. Worms, moldy and other characteristics are favored and sought after by the food and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, plastic pallets are widely used in chemical industry, textile industry and manufacturing industry because of their high bearing capacity and long service life.

In modern society, all trades and professions are developing rapidly. Many manufacturers will use various specialized automated warehouses in the production process. However, the effective operation of these warehouses also needs the assistance of various equipment, such as stackers. What are the main functions of this equipment?
    The main function of stacker: In fact, this kind of equipment is a kind of storage and storage equipment in an automated three-dimensional warehouse. It is usually divided into single-pillar and double-pillar structure. It can fulfill the overall use requirements through walking and lifting mechanisms. It is also controlled by an international advanced servo control system and an absolute certification system. The use of code or laser ranging and high precision addressing can enable the device to run with high accuracy.
    It is also a kind of lifting equipment used for forks to access goods from high-rise shelves. The warehouse using this equipment can reach about 45 meters, and the stacking opportunity runs in the corridors between shelves and is transported to the plastic pallets of the three-dimensional warehouse. In order to ensure the final use value and effect of the equipment, we should do a good job of market research before choosing, do a good job of measuring when choosing, and pay attention to the use method when choosing to use.

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