How to choose the single and double sides of plastic pallets?
Shanghai white cattle plastic tray sales work often encounter plastic tray purchasing friends such questions, "We choose double-sided plastic tray or single-sided plastic tray", "What is the difference between single-sided plastic tray and double-sided plastic tray?" Wait a minute, this question has been partially explained and answered in the plastic tray knowledge column of the White Bull School, but this column is mainly about the study and training of employees in the White Bull Company.
Here, we make another elaboration and adjustment, and publish in the common pre-sale consultation questions of calf customers, so as to facilitate the pre-selection and selection of plastic pallet purchasing friends.
1. What is a single sided plastic pallet?
One-sided plastic tray can only be used on one side, with two types of grid and flat. The bottom of the tray has Chuan-shaped, Tian-shaped and nine-shaped square footrest. According to the difference of load capacity, it can be divided into three models: light series, standard series and heavy-duty series.
Two. What is a double-sided plastic pallet?
Double-sided plastic pallet refers to both sides of the pallet have the same structure, the surface has two kinds of grid and flat, both sides can be used;
Three, one side plastic pallet and double-sided plastic tray selection matters needing attention:
1. For active three-dimensional warehouse or high shelf with small area, where stacker or electric forklift truck are mainly transported vertically, double-sided heavy-duty series pallets and single-sided model series pallets can be selected.

2. For places with large area and high degree of transportation, it is appropriate to select one-sided pallets if they are transported by manual hydraulic pallets. Manual hydraulic forklift truck (commonly known as "Diniu") or manual hydraulic forklift truck mixed with mechanical forklift truck, then you do not need to consider double-sided pallets, because manual hydraulic forklift truck can not cooperate with double-sided plastic pallets. If you use all mechanical and electric forklift trucks in the environment, then one-sided and two-sided pallets can be selected. If the goods are stacked, that is, the bottom of the pallet coincides with the top of the goods below, it is better to use a double-sided plastic pallet or a single-sided pallet with a field-shaped bottom.

Above all, we often encounter the question of friends who buy plastic pallets in the sales of calf plastic pallets: "We choose double-sided plastic pallets or single-sided plastic pallets", "What is the difference between single-sided plastic pallets and double-sided plastic pallets?" A basic answer to these similar questions may not be clear. You can check out the plastic tray knowledge column of our White Bull School.

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